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For further information about Fire Fox and for any booking enquiries please contact Mike or Tara Williams by one of the following:

Telephone #:
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01580 891198



07885 643017 


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M & T Charters

The Old Willow House

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Kent    TN12 0DP


 If posting a cheque please ensure that it is made payable to M&T Charters and that you include a note to advise us of the details of the trip incl. the date!

Please note that we only cater for whole boat charters and do not make up groups of individuals.

Check out our clubs page if you can't get a group together.


If paying by cheque please send £100 for a full day trip or £50 for a half day/evening trip made payable to M&T Charters.   Please see below for our terms and conditions.


To pay a deposit electronically by PayPal please use the link below:

Full Day Trip Deposit:   

Half Day/Evening Trip Deposit:   

Do NOT pay a deposit until you have spoken to us and checked that the date you require is available.



When taking a booking by telephone or e-mail we take this as a legal binding contract. If booking in advance we will require a deposit to secure your date.

Once the trip has been booked the balance will be due on the day of the trip. The agreed fee for the boat is the cost of hiring the boat for a specified period and is payable regardless of the number of passengers on board.

If the customer cancels the trip and does not provide at least 4 weeks' notice, then the entire fee is payable unless we are able to secure an alternative booking for the same date and at the same rate.

If we cancel the charter due to adverse weather conditions, problems with the boat, illness or indisposition on the skipper’s part, if possible, the customer will be notified in advance and either an alternative date will be offered or any deposit paid will be returned.

All customers are requested to telephone after 6pm. on the evening before the trip to check for favourable weather conditions. If after due consideration of various sources i.e. shipping forecast, inshore forecast, TV, internet etc. in the opinion of the skipper, the conditions are not favourable for the following day the trip may be cancelled and if possible an alternative date will be offered.

If the skipper decides due to deteriorating weather conditions to return to port, only that proportion of the trip spent at sea will be payable. However, any insistence of return to port by the customer qualifies as a complete trip and the full fee is payable.

Any serious medical conditions affecting any angler/passenger should be disclosed at the time of booking.  

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Dover (in Kent) is an extremely underrated fishing destination. As per other locations, a lot of the fish species are seasonal. Throughout the summer there are more species to be caught than there is time to catch them! There are good numbers of Cod and bass to be caught. Bass fishing has become one of the most popular and most requested  charters throughout the summer. The bass usually arrive around Easter and can still be caught in good numbers up until October. We have an early run of plaice which can be caught from the ridge, the plaice then start to work their way inshore to be caught at the Varne along with Turbot and the occasional Brill. At this point you can then also start to find the Blond Rays at different marks around the area along with Tope. Smooth-hounds move into the area earlier in the year along with Thornback Skate which we start catching in early January and throughout the year. We have a run of small cod throughout the summer with the larger cod appearing from October onwards - usually further inshore.

Boat fishing for bass has become more and more popular as each year goes by. Weekend dates are booking at least a year ahead for our boat fishing trips so make sure that you book your boat trip for next year soon or you could be too late! Unfortunately we do not cater for individuals and only offer whole boat charters.