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Fishing on the Fraser River, Canada

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**A video of the trip is also available here**

25th September to 2nd October 2010

STS Guiding Service - Canada

This year I thought I'd do something different, so after a suggestion from one of my friends - Tony Lindner (who organised the trip), we decided to go fishing in Canada with STS Guiding Service run by Vic and his wife, Teresa. Our destination was Mission on the Fraser River. Myself, Tony and our friend, Neil, arrived to lovely sunny weather and a temperature of approx. 25 degrees in Vancouver. After collecting our car we headed off on an 80km drive to Mission.

Upon arriving, we stayed at Vic's house in the basement apartment which was set up for people visiting and having fishing holidays and had been done superbly. It had full cooking facilities, games room with snooker table and a huge Plasma screen TV. The hospitality from Vic and his wife was absolutely fantastic. After meeting the family, we all drew straws for the rooms and got ourselves unpacked and ready for our first day's fishing.

This was quite a shock for me as I'm not used to river fishing and it made quite a change. Boats there all seemed to be aluminium powered by large Chevrolet engines that do in excess of 50mph down the river. Bait that we used were collected on the morning and were called 'smelly baits' which were dead floating salmon.

Our guide for the 1st day was Tom. He had a 21ft aluminium boat powered by a 450HP Chevy engine. This thing did in excess of 50mph and sounded like a racing car. It was brilliant fun going down the river. He was a top notch guide and we spent several days with him laughing and joking around and it felt as though we'd known him all our lives. We had another day with another guide called Jerry - he was a retired prison warden who was passionate about fishing and hunting and was also a brilliant guide and certainly knew where to find the fish.

Once our guide each day had decided on our mark, anchors were dropped, four rods were set up and we were shown how to use them and it wasn't long before we had our first bite and the first Sturgeon was hooked. Throughout the first 2 days of Sturgeon fishing the views were absolutely incredible - whether it was large barges being towed down the river by tugs or large floating pontoons of logs being transported to various timber mills all based on the river banks.

Our second 2 days we headed up in to the Rockies with Vic for Salmon fishing. Typically the season for Sockeye Salmon had just closed prior to our arrival within excess of 35million fish being counted passing up the river. Not being deterred by the closed season, Vic decided that we'd fish for Chum Salmon on the Harris River. We towed his 28ft aluminium boat to a slip somewhere in the Rockies where we launched it and headed off around various different rivers, mountains until we reached the Harris River where we ran the boat ashore and were shown how to start fishing for the Salmon.

The Chum Salmon had just started running and on the first day salmon fishing we landed 13 between us up to 25lbs. The 2nd day was even more productive landing 21 fish. The amount of fish we lost both days was unbelievable. On light tackle the fight was absolutely fantastic!

Our last 2 days were spent back on the Fraser River Sturgeon fishing. In the last 10 minutes of the day, literally just outside where the boat was moored, I hooked the best fish of our holiday. After spending in excess of 45 minutes getting the fish to the surface, we then spent another 45minutes towing it along the river trying to find somewhere suitable to run the boat ashore so that we could photograph and measure the fish. The fish measured 7ft 1inch, using its length and girth the fish was estimated at approx. 300lbs in weight.

Eating out was very reasonable and the choice of food and availability was unbelievable and all the people we met whist there came across as being very friendly. If you've ever fancied doing something just a little bit different, I'd definitely recommend it.

 You can visit STS Guiding Service using the link on their logo above.


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