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Fishing Photos (pre-2007)

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Stephen Brazier with a fantastic 15lb 1oz bass

11th October 2006 - Phil with a lovely red mullet - a rare fish to catch out of Dover


10th October 2006 - out with Andy Little and Max Cottis



Dougey's group - fishing aboard Fire Fox out of Weymouth in August 2006


                                                                                                    Terry                                                     Steve Hawkins

Some lovely bream caught at the end of July/Beginning of August


                22/07/2006 Tom - very proud of his bass                   


Out fishing with the TSF team including Deputy Editor Barney Wright and Glen Milligan with his friend Keith Plumridge. Lawrence from Trace Ace and Steve Hawkins also came along to make up the crew.  On 1 drift we caught the 5 bass shown above! All bass caught this day were released whenever possible. Keep your eyes open for the September Edition of Total Sea Fishing for further pictures.



11th July 2006 - Phil & the lads from Maidstone Angling Centre

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                                Brooke and some of the lads from Wales who came up to Kent fishing for 3 days.

         When you go away for a fishing trip remember not to go on a bender the first night...                                               and not to fall asleep on the boat the next day - look carefully at the photo on the right!        

25th June - Paul Riley with a lovely 12lb 4oz bass which was weighed and released. Smile Chris - you're on camera! (I would be if I'd just caught that cod)Mick Lovering with 9lb 4oz bass


24th June - Ian Woods's group including son Perry & Tom - both with nice cod


Kent Police Trip - 16th June            Andy Griffiths & crew    



12th June 06 - Lads from Euro Tunnel security with some nice cod!


10th June 06 - Steve Hawkins back on leave from the Foreign Legion(!) with his son and friend in tow...



June cod caught by Kevin, Mike & Stretch

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   Charlie checking that there's enough live bait!          Mark & Dennis - what a pair!



Phil Harrison's group with some lovely cod



Another day and some more cod for Mike Williams, Steve Hawkins and Toby Williams



                                                                                           Skipper Mike Williams with Cod caught                                                           Max's first Pollack!


A Fun day out with Max Cottis of FOX International, Jim Whippy (Editor of Boat Fishing Magazine)

& Andy Little of Angler's Mail

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James Kitchen           &          Steve Hawkins



Deaf & Dumb Society's day out with some of the catch


            Dougie's Crew with some of the catch         Tom's the star of the day(!) and his son Pip only comes for a rest...


Phil Harrison's group on Easter Monday - 17th April with Cod and Pollack


                     Kevin Smith with a 23lb Blond Ray               Tony Lindner with one of his 8lb skate - 9/04/06                            Caught using a FOX Sea 15-30lb Multi-Tip rod & Blue-Steel Line

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        Ian Wood with Skate - 21st Jan 2006                      Mick Lovering's crew get their skates on! (22nd Jan 2006)

Will with a nice bassChef with a good TurbotNice Smooth-houndOne of the first winter cod



Dougie's crew - a good day's fishing in September with a variety of species caught incl. bass and Smooth-hounds



                                                                                   Mick Lovering with a 9lb Bass - 4th September

Mike ThrussellDanny Cottis & Skipper MikeAndy LittleAndy Little & Cheryl CottisMax Cottis

The team from FOX SEA including our sponsor Max Cottis with family

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                                         Tony Lindner with another nice bass                         Mick Lovering with a nice Gurnard



        Ian Grout's crew with some nice bass          Frank's crew from the White Rock Inn - fish of the day an 11.5lb bass

Tony Lindner with Bass 16th JulyToby WilliamsTony & TobyDennis GrangerSean Williams


Toby Williams holding is 5 lb bassSean Williams holding his 9.5 lb bass
Toby with his first bass at 5lb!Sean & Toby with their best catch of the evening Sean proudly holding his 9.5lb bass at the end of a long evening


Skipper Mike Williams - Fire Fox
 Have you ever seen a snub-nosed bass?Mike holding the unusual bass...Christian Santo (4th from left) and friends

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Cliff with his bassRob & NoelSuccessful Bass fishing trip for the boys from Essex on 25th June 2005


Wednesday 11th May 2005 - out with TOTAL SEA FISHING!
Michael Williams - bass fishingMike & Tara Williams - Fire Fox fishing charters
Dave Barham & Barney Wright with Bass Dave BarhamSkipper Mike Williams with the catch!Mike, Dave & Tara

Toby Williams - Fire Fox Fishing Charters                                                                                                                       

              Toby with a flounder  May 05                         Stephen & Jamie Nye with a 1.5lb Flounder Apr 05                                     

                              Michael Williams with a good blond ray                                                wpe20403.gif (882735 bytes)                                                   

           Mike Williams with Blond Ray                  Charlie sniffing a Plaice                      Peter with 2 skate - 20/03/05

Michael Williams with PlaiceToby with a PlaiceSean Williams fishingwpe59635.gif (997247 bytes)
Mike with 2 good PlaiceToby with personal bestSean Williams fishing Bass


                                                                        wpe38539.gif (863284 bytes)                                            wpe20287.gif (729797 bytes)

                                                   Del with Turbot and....Gurnard                                 Trip with family, friends & pets!

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